4. Sound files for the French Théorbe de Pièces


14c théorbe de pièces by Dodd Lutherie, 2020. 76cms short-string length, 129cm diapason length. Tuned to D on the first string, a 4th higher than the largest theorbos, but the string length allows regular theorbo tuning. Currently mostly strung in gut at 392 pitch. Built after dimensions given by Talbot. Beautiful instrument. Fine-grade Alpine spruce sound board, rippled sycamore bowl. More details on construction here: http://www.lutherie.uk/catalogue/theorbos/ Performance and more details can be found here: https://baroque-lute.art/2021/04/04/introduction-to-the-theorbe-de-pieces/ and finally sound files can be heard here: https://baroque-lute.art/2021/04/05/4-sound-files-for-the-french-theorbe-de-pieces/ Price was £4500 including professional case, selling for £3500 (plus shipping and insurance) as some repair work was needed after a knock. The instrument was repaired by the luthiers who made it – Adrian and Lawrence Dodd – and it is in perfect playing condition. Contact Rob MacKillop robmackillop@gmail.com for photos, or to discuss further. Can be viewed at South Queensferry, near Edinburgh. 

The following SoundCloud playlist is devoted to my recordings of the repertoire for the French théorbe de pièces made by Dodd Lutherie. Currently it only has a few items from the Goess Theorbo manuscript, but more will certainly be added as I explore the repertoire.

The recordings were made at home, not a professional recording studio, using a Rode NT4 stereo mic into a Fostex FR-2LE hard-disk recorder. I think the sound quality is pretty decent, but you might hear the odd bird song on the background, or my breathing.

Some people have asked how they can contribute something as a thank you, so I’ve created a Tip Jar: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/SupportRob?locale.x

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