13. Contemporary Music for Baroque Lute

I plan to reserve this page for new music written for the baroque lute – some written by myself, some by others. My own tablatures will be free to download, though a donation to https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/SupportRob?locale.x would be very much appreciated.

Observation by Gilbert Isbin – originally written for me to play on a 10-string classical guitar, I arranged it for Dm-tuned lute, and I think it works really well. Score for guitar from GilbertIsbin.com

Two Homages: to J. S. Bach and Jim Hall – by Rob MacKillop – The first is a serial composition using Bach’s surname as the first four notes of the tone row, followed by the same a fourth below, leaving three neighbouring chromatic notes and one extra note. The performer should improvise the rhythms, try different approaches for each performance.

The second is a homage to the great jazz guitar player, Jim Hall. It’s a regular 12-bar Blues, but I used an extended arpeggio as the basis for the melodic material: Root, 3, 5, b7, 9, #11, 13. Each bar has a different rhythm.

More to come, so pop back sometime…

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