2. Pre-2021 Sound Files

I once set out to record the complete Scottish lute manuscripts, but ran out of steam after a while, and no wonder: there must be around 500 pieces. Here are some of the files, starting with 102 pieces (the equivalent of four CDs) from the magnificent Balcarres manuscript for 11c lute. To the right of the track name you will see a number of plays. The first track has almost twice as many as the second, which indicates that most people just listen to the first track without delving further, and that is a great pity as the first track one of the least interesting off all 102 tracks! So delve away!

Next up are 17 items from the Panmure 5 MS, which while containing mainly French music with a smattering of Scots tunes, is of Scottish provenance. The MS calls for a 10c lute in either Harp Sharp or Harp Flat tunings. If my memory serves me well, all the tracks are in Harp Sharp tuning, which is Renaissance tuning with the first string down a minor third to E, and the second string down a tone to C, relatively speaking as the actual pitch is lower.

A few pieces from the difficult-to-read Wemyss MS, again in Harp Sharp tuning:

And finally some Bach, with my own arrangement of the second cello suite, with nothing added or taken out, though played in Gm. The score is available to purchase for a low price HERE.